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SBSM membership year is a rolling calendar year.
If you have questions concerning membership in the Society of Behavioral Sleep Medicine please contact us at 859-312-8880 or via email to

SBSM Operates on a Rolling Calendar Year

Online Registration and Payment for New Members, Renewals and Donations

Regular Members

A regular member, 

a) holds a professional degree (e.g., doctoral degree or a terminal master’s degree) that is eligible for licensure and/or independent clinical practice in a health care related field,

b) holds a doctoral degree and is active in BSM research, or

c) holds a doctoral degree and is a Diplomat of the American Board of Sleep Medicine. A Regular Member pays annual dues set by the Board of Directors and receives subscriptions to publications owned or operated by SBSM and receives all other member benefits.

Regular Membership Dues $175.00 


Student Members

Student members are individuals in a full-time educational program (Bachelors, Masters and/or Doctoral). Student memberships may be extended for a period of one year provided the student is in a post-doctoral program or residency internship. Individuals applying for this category must enclose a letter from their program director verifying their status. 

Student Membership Dues $50.00
Student Membership Dues (with print/online subscription to theBehavioral Sleep Medicine Journal) $66.00

Emeritus Members

Members (i.e., full or regular members) who have retired qualify for this membership category.

Emeritus Membership Dues $87.50



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Any personal contribution made to the SBSM may be deducted as a contribution based on consultation with your tax advisor.



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Members are recognized each year at the Bootzin Awards and Recognition Event for their contributions to the SBSM through volunteering with committees, work groups, special projects, and society events.  It is a time to meet others, network, and learn from other BSM experts.

BSM Executive Committee leaders Dr Don Townsend, Dr Donna Arand, and Kathryn Hansen, SBSM Executive Director are pausing for a moment to celebrate the successful event and to cherish the members who were recognized at the event.