2022 Board of Directors Ballot Voting

The Society of Behavioral Sleep Medicine has a great opportunity to serve the sleep medicine field and to support the growth of behavioral sleep medicine specialists.  To reach our goals, we encourage all members to consider taking an active role in your society.

Please review the documents and cast your vote below. 

Nomination Letters & CV

President Elect

Michael Nadorff PhD - Nomination Letter

Michael Nadorff PhD - Letter of Support

Michael Nadorff PhD - CV

Director at Large

Fiona Barwick, PhD, DBSM- Nomination Letter

Fiona Barwick, PhD, DBSM - Candidate Statement

Fiona Barwick, PhD, DBSM - CV



Leisha Cuddihy, PhD, DBSM - Nomination Letter

Leisha Cuddihy, Letter of Interest

Leisha Cuddihy, PhD, DBSM - CV


Student Representative


Meral Culver, MS - Nomination Letter

Meral Culver, MS - Letter of Interest

Meral Culver, MS - CV


Sarah Emert, PhD - Nomination Letter

Sarah Emert, PhD - Letter of Recommendation

Sarah Emert, PhD - CV


Ballot Voting